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The KARAOKEPT offers on your website: Midiarte.pt, legal content, according to the rights holders, including the authors/composers, publishers and Collective management Societies.

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All products made available on this site (Midi Files  | Styles | Mp3 Backing Tracks) are licensed for private use only. To display them in public spaces, you must obtain the appropriate licenses for Public Display from the entities:  PASSMÚSICA | SPA | IGAC


Your songs in Midiarte.pt
Midiarte.pt is one of the best platforms for the promotion of artists and groups.
Through our customers, artists, duos, trios, musical groups, our music catalogue is present in many shows, ideal places for your songs to become known to the general public.
To have your songs in our catalog means that your music will be played in various locations around the world and abroad, giving to know your work to thousands of people who otherwise might not have access.

Owns the rights of the catalog that represents and want to propose this catalog to Midiarte.pt? We would like to work with you to promote your work and your career. Contact us in this regard.

Register a copyright violation
Since the creation of KARAOKEPT that respect for copyright is part of our basic principles. We will respond quickly to any requests for removal. However, a request for removal must be justified. All Midi files and styles are produced exclusively by KARAOKEPT. However, if you believe some content represents a violation to the parties representing, this is probably an error and we will proceed to the immediate withdrawal of the content. Follow the instructions below.

To register a copyright violation, we invite you to send us the details below by email to: departamento.juridico@karaokept.com or by post to the address indicated below.

  • - Accurate identification of targeted content (URL address)
  • - Type of targeted law
  • - Parts or right-holders represented
  • - Your contact details
  • - Declaration certifying that the complainant parties believe in good faith that the use of the contents in the circumstances mentioned is not authorized by the right holders or their representatives.
  • - Declaration certifying that the information in this notification is true, accurate, on pain of penalty and perjury, and that the complaining parties are authorized to act on behalf of the holders of the rights previously evoked.
  • - A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the holder of the earlier right invoked.

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