A Midiarte

Midiarte produces Midi files and Styles with professional quality.

Midiarte have a team of several professional musicians, totaling already 20 years of experience in sequencing and production of musical bases.

We are the only world company to produce professionally, Midi files and Styles form Latin, African, Brazilian and Portuguese music.

Our midi files and Styles are the perfect replica of the subjects, respecting the time, the tone and the sequential order of original music.

On our website: www.midiarte.pt, we provide a quick and easy way, access to the largest catalog of Midi files and Styles to keyboards. You can in a few seconds download the Midis or Styles that need.

All Midi files and Styles available on the site have the demo to prove the musical quality.

The Styles and Midi files of Midiarte are compatible with the best brands of keyboards: Korg, Yamaha, Ketron, Roland.

Within seconds, choose the midis or Styles you need, using a payment method that may be, paypal or visa and immediately receive in your email the download link.

Important: Every order that does, receives an updated certificate of legality, which includes all the titles acquired legally.
If monitored in a show, must show to the authorities that certificate, that will prove that works with MIDI files and legal Styles.

In parallel to the production of Midi files and Styles to keyboards, Midiarte offers full service audio editing, including production of original songs, recording, mastering and delivery of the final work on CD.
We work together with various studios for the provision of various services.

We also participate frequently in television projects at the invitation of some Portuguese TV stations for the production of musical bases used as support for musical programs such as "Portuguese Idol", "The voice Portugal", etc.

Our Midi files and Styles will take your performances to another level, contributing to their success and the success of your group

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